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Anti-Bullying Programs


Anti-Bullying Programs (Adults, Teens & Kids)
     Because Kids Aren't the ONLY Ones That Live in FEAR!

*Are You “In FEAR for Your Loved Ones Being Bullyed”?

*How Do We Keep BRAZEN Bullies from Preying on Classmates, Employees...? 

*Are Kids, Teens & Adults KILLING Themselves Over Bullying?.....  Yes!

“Experts Agree; That Bullying Has Sky Rocketed Teen Suicides”!!!


"Recently; Brandon Bitner (only 14 years old), of Snyder County, became another Teen that Succumbed to the Incessant CRUELTLY of Bullies and ENDED His Life"!!!!!

stepped in front of a tractor-trailer rig
on U.S. Routes 11/15 in Perry County, leaving behind a suicide note that said he felt powerless against the merciless taunting he had suffered for years from classmates”.
He was a student at Mid-West High School in rural Snyder County!

Please give Dana a call, we can help…

Through Martial Arts you can:

  • Get the "Gift to Yourself or Loved ones to Feel Confident"!
  • Learn to "Develop Inner Peace, Focus & Calmness of Mind"!
  • To Stand Up For Yourself & Loved Ones!
  • Each Child/ Adult receives personalized hands-on instruction.
  • GREAT Exercise: Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional.
  • Students are encouraged to bring friends/ Guests.
  • Classes are LARGE enough for families.
  • The Family that trains together, stays together! 
  • "Bullying is NOT limited to just kids, it affects us all"!

Training Requirements:
No experience necessary... All experience levels are welcome.  All Students are welcome even with Disablilites!  Parental meet is necessary & to go over you or your child's "Martial Arts Goals.  
*Please remember "MArtial Arts is a Journey , NOT a Destination"!


Seacoast Warriors at
  GREAT BAY Tang Tang So Do, 83 Main Street, Dover, NH 03820
*Dana has done & is available for Seminars/ Work Shops across the US, Canada, & Europe.
Please call to schedule a FREE Class or book a Seminar...
school /cell #(781) 325-5312 or email Master Dana Kiklis at

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