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Karate, Jujitsu, Judo & Ground Fighting

Dana Kiklis has Amost 40 years in Martial Arts.

 He is a Certified Master Instructor in Dillman Karate International, holding many ranks 
 and not only Cross trained in many different and is VERY Proficient in;

 * 5th Degree Black Belt in “Kyusho Jitsu” / Dim Muk" (Pressure Point Fighting)
                 (Certified Master Instructors Rank)
under Grand Master George Dillman.
      The Chinese refer our Martial Art as “Dim Muk

                 (more dramatically translated as “Death

 * 5th Degree Black Belt - Ryu Kyu Karate

 * 2nd Degree Black Belt - Kyusho Kenpo Karate

2nd Degree Black Belt - Jujitsu America 

 * 2nd Degree Black Belt - Japanese Jujitsu - 

 * 2nd Degree Black Belt - Self Defense Jujitsu & Judo 

Dana has had the privilege of Extensively training with some of the "Top
Grand Masters in the world"
& has Developed Tremendous Skill in:
      * Arnis (Filipino Stick & Knife Fighting) - Grand Master Remy Presas
      * Small Circle Jujitsu -
Grand Master/ Founder Wally & Prof. Leon Jay
      * Aido (the Art of the Sword) - Master Lou Mang
      * Ketsugo Jujitsu - Peter Freedman
      * Wrestling
      * Kick Boxing 
      * Traditional Japanese Jujitsu - 
      * Boxing - Former Heavy Weight Contender Johnie Prezie, 
          Dicky Eklund (trainer of World Champions & his Life story became the movie 
               "The Fighter"  & you can find him at www.DickyEklund.com 

         NO Substitute for "REAL WORLD Experience":
     * Fought Full Contact Fights (Before MMA)
     * Taught
Internationally; Military, Police, Special Ops, Navy Seals, in 5 countries
     * Assisted in training 2010 NH National Guard Iraqui forces
     * Numerous
"Self Defense Seminars"
     * "Executive Protection" work for Celebrities, Rock & Roll Stars 
     * Trained &
Been in the Ring with Amatuer & Pro MMA Fighters
     * Low Income Landlord (30 years) dealing with Drug dealers,
 Prostitutes & Gang

As a former "National Ranked Body Builder", Dana Kiklis has been intergrating Weight training (Power & Body Building) into Martial Arts for over 3 1/2 decades. Long before it was known the benefits of Weight Training, Dana has been applying it to Martial Arts!


For more than 25 years Dana been personally requested for "Special Executive Protection Assignments",  places where carring a weapon was NOT allowed!

The SAFETY of the celebrity was a MUST & the likely hood of a Promblem was very probable!



Seacoast Warriors at
  GREAT BAY Tang Tang So Do, 83 Main Street, Dover, NH 03820
*Dana has done & is available for Seminars/ Work Shops across the US, Canada, & Europe.
Please call to schedule a FREE Class or book a Seminar...
school /cell #(781) 325-5312 or email Master Dana Kiklis at











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